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Language Intensive Curriculum (LIC) Resources: LIC Collection

About the LIC Collection

The LIC Collection contains books and newspapers for students
at a beginning or intermediate readinglevel as well as a listing of general interest magazines on sports, tech and current events
that may also be of interest to students.

Book subjects include:  Modern Fiction,
Classic Fiction, Mystery, Biography and True Crime.

Books Location:  2nd Floor of the Library, Top of the Stairs next to Music and Graphics

Magazines Location: middle of the main floor of the library and are listed alphabetically by title.

Suggestions:  Email   Mary Jane MacGuire in the library!

Searching The Library Catalog For LIC Items

  Click here on Advanced Search to be taken this screen on the Library Catalog.  Once there, in Item Type, choose Language Intensive Curriculum Book from the drop down menu.  Click Search.

Language Intensive Curriculum (LIC)

Courtesy of:  Gerard Van der Leun /flickr creative commons

Research Librarian

Mary Jane MacGuire

Office: Library 101