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Mythbusting Assignment (SS1011)

Psyche: from a Book of Myths

Introduction to Psychology
Dr. Linda Kerr, Instructor

Hermes and Athena
Image: Wikimedia Commons 

Using Synonyms

Your searches can be more efficient & effective if you consider adding synomyms to your search strategy when searching either Google or the library databases. Here are some to choose from, followed by an example of how they can be used in a search:

Synonyms to try while searching for evidence to SUPPORT the myth:

proof (or proven)
"origin of"

Example: "subliminal messages" AND advertising AND proof


Synonyms to try while searching for evidence to DEBUNK the myth:


Example: "subliminal messages" AND advertising AND myth

Sometimes you need to try a different word for your search. This synonym finder show how words are related to each other in visual, mind-map style. - See more at:

Citing a web page article

Basic Format for a Web Page

  • Author, Institution, Company, or Organization Responsible for the Website (if available).
    (Year, Month Day website was last updated). Title or description of page. Retrieved Month Day,
    Year you visited the website, from: URL (address of website)
    • LD Online. (2006). Speech and language milestone chart. Retrieved April 11, 2006, from:


Subject Guide

Kathy Burris

Top 3 databases for this paper

Here are three databases that offer articles that are particularly relevant for this assignment. But don't hesitate to search any of the remaining databases you can find on our Article Databases & Journals page.

Searches millions of resources in the Library’s physical collection and online resource databases all at once.

Cross-search multiple Gale databases including Academic OneFile, Custom Newspapers, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, and Educator's Reference Complete.


Health And Wellness
Physical and behavioral health related resources.  Click on Advanced Search option to search for health related articles from scholarly and academic publishers.