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Painting: Happy Human

  The Pursuit of Happiness (EN1021) 

   Dan Toomey, Instructor

Happy Human
by Humayun360 (Wikimedia Commons)


Sample topics

·       Reactive attachment disorder (an overview of the latest research, with those affected profiled)

·       Bullying (an overview of the latest research, with those affected profiled, some new programs in schools that have proved successful)

·       Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (perhaps how this disorder has been viewed over the years, when the DSM first considered it, treatment possibilities today     and some of those who suffer from it profiled)

·       Prolonged Exposure Therapy (when it was first used, who conceived it, how it has worked)

·       Treating depression with ECT

·       Money and Happiness (a study of lottery winners’ lives, a probing for an answer to the question “Does or can money buy happiness?”)

·       A deeper look into the three ways that Jonathan Haidt says we can change our minds: meditation, cognitive therapy, and Prozac.

Subject Guide

Kathy Burris