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Questions of Gender

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Where: San Diego, CA
When: 29 Apr 2010
Credit: Rick Scholz
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Sample Topics

When choosing a topic, it can be helpful to know which topics have proven successful in terms of the amount and quality of information available. Here is a list of general topics that have generated successful papers in the past:

  • Effects of same-sex classrooms on student achievement

  • Gender differences in leadership
  • Gender differences with depression

  • Gender differences in spatial memory strategies: directions versus landmarks
  • Gender differences in classroom behavior in college students
  • Gender differences in eating disorders – trends over time – may need to choose only one disorder

Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?

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We know you love your library! Ever wonder what it would be like to become a book? Where would you be in the library? Which Dewey Decimal number would you be given? Take this quiz to find out!

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