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SS 3011


Welcome to
Social Science Research

Ken Gobbo, Instructor

Sample Topics

When choosing a topic, it can be helpful to know which topics have proven successful in terms of the amount and quality of information available. Here are sample topics from previous semesters:

  • International adoption and learning disabilities: Is there a link?

  • Depression and second-generation immigrant children: Is there a link?

  • Technology's effects on student achievement: Pro/Con

  • Are black men (and/or women) more likely to succeed at HBCUs than PWIs?

  • Depression and anxiety: Gender differences

  • Concussions and fights in hockey play: How do they correlate? Is this form of fighting ethical?

  • ADHD and Moral Reasoning

  • Is LSD an effective treatment for depression?

  • Do students with LDs requiring prescription drugs do better in school?

  • The role of water in poverty

  • The impact of exercise on mental illness

Subject Guide

Kathy Burris